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puumajatehase oü – partner in prefabricated timber element houses


The job of Puumajatehase OÜ is factory production and delivery of wooden house elements for ecologically clean, environment friendly and low energy consumption buildings.

Puumajatehase OÜ was established in 2007 by the team of professional construction engineers having prior experience in factory production of wooden element houses and house construction.

Puumajatehase OÜ produces timber elements in Estonia, in a factory located in Siimusti, Jõgeva County. The factory’s production capacity is 90-100 single-family-type homes (area 150 – 200 m2) a year. Puumajatehase OÜ is flexible, able to produce elements for one house to a private customer as well as for residential developments of 40-50 houses or more.

Profound knowledge, experience, skills of our engineers and workers and conformity to all applicable standards are the security for high quality products of Puumajatehase OÜ. The suppliers of Puumajatehase OÜ are the best and acknowledged professionals with top professional expertise which ensures the highest quality of used materials and products. Puumajatehase OÜ is constantly engaged in product development and promotes energy-efficient, green solutions.

Puumajatehase OÜ has completed many apartment-, row- and single house projects starting from a family house to a project consisting of 66 houses in one development area. Our products are sold in Sweden, Estonia and Norway.

Puumajatehase OÜ cooperates with real estate developers, builders as well as with private customers. Puumajatehase OÜ aims to be a close partner for customers comprehensively, from proactive consultation with the customer in the design phase to effective solutions in the production of house elements, assembly and construction.

Our goal is to be your house construction partner and we care about our customers.


logo-blueProcess of obtaining CE marking from European Organisation for Technical Assessment

ETAK 007 for the product is underway. So far the first and second phase is completed and

technical documentation presented.   



Nail plate timber frame roof trusses produced by

Puumajatehase OÜ wear CE certification since 2011